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Cardio ablation surgery is used to treat atrial fibrillation which is a new surgical system that gently touches a microwave or laser wand to the heart creating 10 lesions without damaging the heart. The lesions disrupt the chaotic electrical current causing the irregular heartbeat.

How is this done?
Through a minimally invasive thoracoscopic approach with 2-3 nickelsize incisions on the right side of the patient's chest. The pericardium (heart sac) is opened toward the inferior vena cava, enabling the surgeon to reach the beating heart. The surgeon then dissects the area between the heart vessels to enable the insertion of a microwave or laser wand. This instrument accomplishes the ablation by creating 10 lesions that safely disrupt the chaotic electrical current causing the irregular heartbeat. The procedure has shown a success rate of 85% in Europe and Asia. It can be performed as a lone procedure or doing other cardiac procedures such as coronary artery bypass surgery or valve surgery. After surgery, the patient is brought to the recovery room and discharged home in about 1-2 days for the lone procedure and longer for the coronary artery bypass surgery.

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