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News Releases / 2005

Community Memorial Hospital Unveils New Organizational Name

Ventura, California, 11/15/2005

Community Memorial Hospital has announced the forming of a new parent organization named Community Memorial Health System.

“Following the recent merger with Ojai Valley Community Hospital, we felt the strength of our healthcare system could no longer be adequately defined by the image of a single institution “, says Gary Wilde, Community Memorial Health System’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Wilde further adds, “We now operate two hospitals and nine regional healthcare centers serving various communities throughout Ventura County. A new overall identity was needed to convey all of the components we have, and the Board of Directors decided to create a new umbrella organization that linked all of our healthcare organizations to one entity. That new organization is Community Memorial Health System.”

Michael Ellingson, Vice President of Marketing and Development, adds, “It is important to create a consistent image throughout our health system. All of our healthcare components will now be linked to Community Memorial Health System. This gives the residents of the communities we serve a sense of security, knowing that the local healthcare facility they use is backed by the strength of an entire system which provides them with easy access to state-of-the-art technology and treatment, and a wide variety of medical specialists”.

Since its beginnings in 1902, Community Memorial Hospital has grown from a small neighborhood hospital with 24 beds into the leading healthcare provider in Ventura County. Together with Ojai Valley Community Hospital and our Centers for Family Health, our health system is meeting the healthcare needs of approximately 400,000 patient visits annually. Our nine Centers for Family Health are located throughout Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Oak View, and Camarillo.