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News Releases / 2006

Local Medical Expert Finishes Study on Promising New Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Ventura, California, 11/09/2006

A recent study, led by local specialist Duke Bahn M.D. – an internationally recognized expert in the detection and treatment of prostate disease - has found a new non-surgical treatment to be highly effective in destroying cancerous tumors in the prostate while preserving most patients’ potency and continence.

The treatment – called Focal Cryoablation - is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure in which cancerous tissue is targeted, frozen and destroyed, while surrounding nerve structures and healthy tissue is spared. It is less risky than surgery and patients recover faster with less pain.

The study, published in the September issue of the Journal of Endourology, consisted of 31 men who underwent the minimally invasive treatment and whose disease was believed to be confined to one sector of the prostate gland. After 70 months of follow-up, 92.8 percent remained disease-free as measured by a simple blood test and 96 percent had no evidence of cancer on follow-up biopsies. Potency was completely maintained in 40% of patients while 48% were potent with the use of erectile dysfunction drugs. The patients experienced no other complications such as incontinence.

“Until now, men had few options: either doing nothing, which we often call ‘watchful waiting,’ or choosing one of several fairly radical procedures, including prostatectomy and radiation treatment. The outcomes from Focal Cryoablation demonstrate that many of these patients now have a new option that is minimally invasive, destroys the cancer, maintains potency and quality of life, and can even be performed as an outpatient procedure in many cases,” said Dr. Duke K. Bahn, medical director of the Prostate Institute of America, located at Community Memorial Hospital.