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News Releases / 2009

Community Memorial Hospital Named as a Top Hospital in the Nation by National Research Corporation

Ventura, California, 11/04/2009

Community Memorial Hospital has been recognized once again by the National Research Corporation as one of the nation's top hospitals.

CMH earned the NCR’s 2009/10 Consumer Choice Award that goes to hospitals which healthcare consumers have chosen as having the highest quality and image in over 250 markets throughout the U.S. This is the 4th year CMH has been awarded by NRC who awards hospitals whose consumers have recognized them for providing the highest quality healthcare.

“We have always believed in the philosophy of continuous quality improvement as part of a larger picture which includes clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction,” said Gary Wilde, President & CEO. “Our physicians, nurses and staff work continuously to ensure that our patients and their family members receive the highest level of quality healthcare.”

Ginny Martin, President of NRC's Healthcare Market Guide Division, said winners are determined by consumer perceptions on multiple quality and image ratings col1ected in the company's Healthcare Market Guide Ticker study. Of the 3,200 hospitals named by consumers in the study, the winning facilities rank highest in their Metropolitan Statistical Areas, as defined by the US Census Bureau. The Healthcare Market Guide Ticker study surveyed over 250,000 households representing over 450,000 consumers in the contiguous 48 states and the District of Columbia.

“Healthcare has become an increasingly important issue across the country and empowered consumers are making decisions for themselves and their families when selecting their health care facilities and services,” Martin said. “As care options multiply and financial challenges remain strong, consumer perception of quality continues to grow in importance. Dedication to providing high quality healthcare has become essential for all hospitals. In the face of adversity, these Consumer Choice award winners exemplify the dedication it takes to provide quality healthcare to their communities, and we are please to honor them through the eyes of their patients.”

NRC's Healthcare Market Guide Ticker is the nation's largest and most comprehensive study of its kind. No other study used to measure hospital performance and preferences contains more consumer responses than NRC's study. The study has a margin of error of plus or minus 0.2 percent at a national level. Co-winners are named when scores fall within the statistical margin of error for a given market.

National Research Corporation is an industry leader, with more than two decades of experience in healthcare performance measurement and improvement.