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News Releases / 2015

Hope’s Haven Gifts Community Memorial Hospital with iPads

Ventura, California, 04/07/2015

Local charity Hope’s Haven Children’s Charity, has donated 10 iPads to the pediatric unit at Community Memorial Hospital (CMH) on March 26th at 1:00 pm.

The CMH pediatric unit averages 2-3 patients per day and has a total of 5 beds. “While many children spend their days sitting in a classroom, playing at the park and having sleepovers, many of our children are being treated for illnesses or injury,” says Megan Meeker, Director, Maternal & Children's Health Services. “The IPad’s serve as a distraction and some fun during a difficult time for a child hospitalization or treatment, providing a sanitary alternative to toys and books while being a positive distraction during treatment.”

Critically injured and seriously ill children in Ventura County who receive either in-patient or out-patient care, along with their families, benefit as Hope’s Haven improves their quality of life with toys, financial assistance and VIP experiences. The siblings of these children are also positively impacted as they are included in the events and they are the recipients of gifts as well.

Hope’s Haven is working with the Ventura County medical community to place iPads in hospital pediatric beds. “They provide a vehicle for kids to keep up on school work, connect with friends and family through social media, as well as provide entertainment with movies, games and apps while they are going through the treatment process,” says Hope’s Haven committee Chairman Sean Copeland.

Meeker also points out that the iPad project yields positive results. “The simple offering of an iPad can help to cast a more positive light on a difficult situation. With the iPad, the time goes faster, children are having fun, they are learning and they are given the opportunity to stay connected with their peers.”

Hope’s Haven Children’s Charity is a leading 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for Ventura County children facing life-threatening illnesses and serious injuries. Through the support of local communities and annual fundraising events, Hope’s Haven works directly with hospitals, clinics and social workers to provide financial and emotional support for families.