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Two births are 'seven' wonders of the county

Ventura County Star
Tuesday, 07/10/2007
By Cynthia Overweg

For Casey and Elena Pullman, July 7 was a momentous day.

When the couple's first baby came into the world at Simi Valley Hospital, she created a stir not only for her parents, but for hospital staff as well. The Pullmans' baby girl was born 7/07/07 at 7:07 a.m.

With that many sevens on her birth certificate, she's all the good luck her parents could have asked for.

"She's a miracle baby for me," said Elena Pullman. "The feelings of love I have when I look at her are indescribable."

On the other side of the county, at Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, another group of lucky sevens were strung together for George and Ivette Alvarado of Oxnard. The couple's baby boy, Jayson, arrived on 7/07/07 weighing 7 pounds, 7 ounces.

"I could hear the nurses talking in the hall when they weighed him," said Ivette Alvarado. "They were excited and laughing."

The Pullmans hadn't been expecting a July 7 baby. She was due to arrive June 27.

When Elena Pullman's contractions began July 5, she thought she would have the baby on her own birthday. But progress was slow, and 55 hours later the baby arrived.

When the delivery room nurse told Pullman her baby's time of birth was 7:07, she said she felt like it was meant to be. "She took all the time she needed and that's all that matters," said Pullman.

Casey Pullman was with his wife from start to finish.

"We named her Aveya," he said. "It's derived from a Hebrew name that means worshipper of God."

Aveya's delivering physician, Dr. Gerald Murphy, said he got to the delivery room at 7 a.m. and the baby was ready.

"The remarkable thing is that the timing was unplanned. I've heard of people having weddings on days and times they can control, but this was completely spontaneous," said Murphy.

Sharon Kellogg, the head nurse in labor and delivery at Simi Valley Hospital, also was present at Aveya's birth and said the entire staff was delighted with the news.

"I knew there was a possibility of hitting a bunch of sevens, but we were all amazed when it actually happened," said Kellogg.

Jayson is the fourth baby for the Alvarado family. "I feel so blessed," said George Alvarado. "All these sevens are great, but what really matters is that we're glad that Jayson is here and part of our family."

Ivette Alvarado said she enjoys thinking about all the luck associated with the number seven.

"My mom said I have to take her to Vegas."