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Concept approved for a new CMH

Ventura Breeze
December 15, 2010 – December 28, 2010

The Ventura City Council has approved plans for a new Community Memorial Hospital to be located adjacent to the existing hospital. The existing hospital would be remodeled into offices as part of the new master plan for the site.
The vote was unanimous at 6-0, with Council member Neal Andrews not present. No speakers spoke against it at the meeting. The Planning Commission had also previously unanimously approved the project.

All council members praised the new project and for what it will do for the city's midtown business district that has been struggling during these bad economic times (and even before).

Deputy Mayor Mike Tracy stated that "I think everyone agrees this is going to be a wonderful asset to our community," Community Memorial Hospital CEO Gary Wilde told the council prior to the vote, "I think it's the best design that I have seen, and I have visited scores of hospitals."

California hospitals must meet new state earthquake standards by 2013 which prompted many public meetings over the past 3 years in order to meet this requirement. An extension of this time will be requested which the State has been granting if hospital's show good faith in meeting this deadline.

Demolition has already commenced.

The final approval for the specific de- sign will be considered in January or February by the city's Design Review Committee.