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Ojai Valley hospital gains new administrative officer

Ventura County Star
Monday, 01/24/2011
by Cindy Von Quednow

A 2001 internship at Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura while he was studying public administration at CSU Northridge led Haady Lashkari to find his ideal line of work.

"I immediately fell in love with the hospital and healthcare as a career because of the sense of community and what people in healthcare do," said the 33-year-old Ventura native. "The hospital found a place in my heart and I couldn't see myself leaving healthcare."

Lashkari moved up to administrative assistant, then assistant administrator at CMH before becoming the assistant vice president of Community Memorial Health System. After a decade of having "assistant" in his title, Lashkari got to drop that word after he was recently named chief administrative officer of Ojai Valley Community Hospital.
While he has been on the job for just one week, Lashkari is familiar with the hospital community and said he feels welcome.

"I feel so fortunate to have a career in the community I grew up in," Lashkari said. "I believe so much in the hospital's mission and I feel that what I do on a day-to-day basis gives me a sense of accomplishment."

Part of his new job description is to modernize the hospital by bringing in new technologies and expanding outpatient services. He was the project manager of the new environmentally friendly Vineyard Center for Family Health in Oxnard. His eclectic résumé also includes working with department lab engineering, rehabilitation services, and food and nutrition.

Mike Ellingson, spokesman for Community Memorial Hospital, who has worked with Lashkari since 2005, said he appreciates Lashkari's maturity and work ethic.

"He's got an ability to give to the community and promote services," Ellingson said. "This is a good logical step for Haady in his career."

Stanley Frochtzwajg, a family doctor and chief medical officer of Community Memorial Health System, said Lashkari is patient and works well with physicians.

"We work together on a weekly basis and it is always a benefit to have his insight, drive and knowledge available," Frochtzwajg said. "Haady is famous for being able to take projects and complete them successfully."

While Lashkari has a bachelor's degree in communication and sociology, a master's degree in public administration, and a real estate license, it is clear his heart is in the healthcare industry.

"I had a background in real estate and wanted to explore that as a career option, but there wasn't a sense of passion," Lashkari said. "This gives me a sense of personal fulfillment."