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Community Memorial Health System on the move  

Ojai Valley News
Wednesday, August 17, 2011
by Martin A. Pops, M.D.

This past week Community Memorial Health System (CMHS) received the exciting news that commitments have been secured for tax-exempt revenue bond financing to support the long-awaited construction projects for the two hospitals, Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura (CMH) and Ojai Valley Community Hospital (OVCH). These two hospitals, along with 10 ambulatory Centers for Family Health, comprise the CMHS.

CMHS is the leading private, not-for-profit health system in Ventura County. It provides quality care over a wide spectrum of conditions and does so efficiently and effectively.

When completed in early 2015, CMH will open a brand-new, 250-bed hospital with 100 percent private rooms and greatly expanded emergency and operating rooms and intensive care units. OVCH will be modernized to include updating and adding new patient rooms to the skilled nursing facility, new imaging technology and more private rooms in the acute care part of the hospital. Additionally, the exterior will undergo a face-lift to provide our community with a beautiful new building which will architecturally be more compatible with an Ojai look.

Since the merger which united the two hospitals in 2005, the system has been governed by a board of trustees while each hospital has maintained separate licensure and medical staffs. The result has been a seamless operation which facilitated referral of more complicated cases to CMH while nursing care and rehabilitation patients are referred back to Ojai.

We are very proud of the services and care which our hospitals provide and we are well-prepared to face the challenges in health care which we will face in the next 30 to 40 years.

The support of our friends and neighbors in the community has been instrumental in our success. If you do not already belong to the OVCH Foundation and Guild, I urge you to get involved and take advantage of the many social, educational and fund-raising events which have become part of the fabric of our community.

Dr. Pops is a resident of Ojai and currently chairman of the board of trustees of the , Community Memorial Health System. He also serves on the board of directors for the Ojai Valley Community Hospital Foundation. Information about the foundation and guild can be obtained from Chris Rock, foundation executive director, at 640-2317.