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Residency Program

Curriculum - Internal Medicine Procedures

Competency is required in the following procedures:

  Know, Understand and Explain Perform
Safely and
  Indications; Contraindications; Recognition & Management of Complications; Pain Management; Sterile Techniques Specimen Handling Interpretation of Results Requirements & Knowledge to Obtain Informed Consent  
Abdominal paracentesis X X X X  
Advanced cardiac life support X N/A N/A N/A X
Arterial line placement X N/A X X  
Arthrocentesis X X X X  
Central venous line placement X X N/A X  
Drawing venous blood X X X N/A X
Drawing arterial blood X X X X X
Electrocardiogram X N/A X N/A  
Incision and drainage of an abscess X X X X  
Lumbar puncture X X X X  
Nasogastric intubation X X X X  
Pap smear and endocervical culture X X X X X
Placing a peripheral venous line X N/A N/A N/A X
Pulmonary artery catheter placement X N/A X X  
Thoracentesis X X X X  

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