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Residency Program



Which residency programs does CMHS offer?

CMHS offers residency programs in Family Medicine, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Orthopedic Surgery.

Is CMHS dual-accredited?

Yes. CMHS achieved dual-accreditation (AOA and ACGME) for Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and General Surgery. Orthopedic Surgery is accredited by the AOA and is in Pre-Accreditation with ACGME.

How many residents did each program accept for the 2017-2018 academic year?

Family Medicine accepted 8 residents, Internal Medicine accepted 5 residents, and Orthopedic Surgery and General Surgery each accepted 4 residents.

Where can I find out more about the city of Ventura?

Please go to for more information regarding the city of Ventura.

Will CMHS use ERAS for residency applications?

Yes. CMHS will utilize the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).

What is the deadline for residency application submission?

Please submit your application no later than November 1st for the following contract year. Applicants will be notified no later than November 15th regarding interviews.

When will the interviews be held?

Typically, interviews are held from mid-October through mid-December.

What salary and benefits does CMHS offer to residents?

Please review our residency information listed on the Osteopathic Opportunities website at

Which Match will CMHS participate in?

CMHS will participate in the ACGME and AOA Matches for General Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Family Medicine, and the AOA Match for Orthopaedic Surgery.

Does CMHS sponsor visas?


Medical Students

Does CMHS accept 3rd year medical students?

Currently, we accept 3rd year students only from Western University.

Does CMHS accept international medical students?

Unfortunately, we do not accept international students at this time.

Does CMHS accept 4th year students for audition rotations?

Yes. Applications for audition rotations in Family Medicine, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Orthopedic Surgery will be accepted mid-January through mid-February of the preceding year. If we are able to accommodate your request, you will be notified in March.

My school does not have an affiliation agreement with CMHS, will you still consider me for an audition rotation?

Audition rotation applications are open to all 4th year students from accredited DO-granting institutions, and to 4th year students in General Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Family Medicine from accredited MD-granting institutions. However final approval of the rotation will be dependent on affiliation agreements. Should your institution be interested in pursuing an affiliation agreement, please contact

Does CMHS offer rotations for 4th year students (non-audition elective)?

Rotations for non-audition rotations may be requested in late fall of your 4th year. Rotations are subject to availability.

Where can I find the application for audition rotation?

Please see the tab labelled “Medical Students” for more infomation.