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Residency Program


Kearnan Welch, D.O.

Kearnan Welch, D.O.
Internal Medicine
3rd Year

Dr. Kearnan Welch is a Ventura native. He began his medical education at UC Davis, where he earned a Bachelor's in Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior followed by a Master's in Nutritional Biology. While in graduate school, he oversaw a rigorous advanced systemic physiology lab and conducted a study of the phonetic processing of American Sign Language by Deaf signers.  His interest in nutrition-related disease led to further research including a study of the family dynamics of diabetic children and the status of nutrition education in the public-school system. In June, 2015, he received his medical degree from Touro University-COM in Vallejo.  Prior to graduation, he also completed a medical internship on tropical diseases in Tanzania, Africa.  His experience as a hearing-impaired person has given him insight into medicine from the patient's point of view. He is currently interested in pursuing a fellowship in Endocrinology.
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