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Jan 31 6:00 PM

The Microbiome and Disease

The Power of Bacteria in the Gut

Not all bacteria are bad. In fact, the human body is home to a variety of microbes that help keep us healthy. The types, quantity and balance of microbes in your unique microbiome can affect your susceptibility or resistance to a variety of health issues, including acne, allergies, autoimmune diseases, intestinal conditions, cancer and more.

Come and learn as Dr. Hazan-Steinberg explains how microbes influence disease and what we can do to maintain a healthy microbiome.

Dr. Sabine Hazen-Steinberg

Presented by Dr. Sabine Hazan-Steinberg

Dr. Sabine Hazan-Steinberg received her medical degree from Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine in Halifax, Nova Scotia and completed residency training at University of Florida College of Medicine. Dr. Hazan-Steinberg is an active member of the Community Memorial Hospital medical staff.

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