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Do You Have Vertigo?

The Physical Therapy Department at CMH Can Help
— a patient testimonial

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is caused when microscopic debris collects within any of the three U-shaped canals within a tiny part of the inner ear. This debris, called Otoconia, is comprised of calcium carbonate crystals and when they are dislodged they can cause extreme dizziness, nausea and fear. BBPV is generally triggered by changes in position of a person’s head, such as lying down, rolling over or getting up from bed (you know, those daily movements that occur all of the time).

Well, I experienced this recently, and it was an awful and scary experience. I had Vertigo many years ago and based on my past experience, I thought I just needed to let it run its course. I mentioned to a doctor that I had vertigo and he told me I could be cured of this right away. What! I was at a loss for words, having suffered with this for the last 2 weeks, I would do anything, go anywhere! What do I need to do? The answer was simple. I was told to make an appointment with the CMH Physical Therapy Department, who had the technology to diagnosis and correct BPPV.

This technology comes in the form of infrared video goggles to be exact. These video goggles record the eye movement in a patient with BPPV that allows the therapist to observe whether the eye movement is horizontal, upward or downward. This enables them to determine which of the 3 canals within the inner ear is affected. With this information the therapist employs a repositioning method called Canalith Repositioning to relocate the dislodged crystals back where they belong, and Voila! You get your equilibrium back and the Vertigo is gone. It was that simple, painless and took all of 15 minutes. For additional information on this treatment, please contact the CMH Physical Therapy Department at 652-5063.