Financial Services

Please bring your insurance card or verification of your current insurance coverage when you register for services. Most insurance companies now require patients to obtain pre-authorization for elective procedures.

Payment Policy

You may be required to pay a deposit at the time of admission or registration. The deposit amount will vary depending on your type of health insurance, the extent of coverage, and estimated length of stay in the hospital or the type of outpatient service.

Patients with complete health insurance coverage, as verified by the hospital, will not be required to pay a deposit. For specific details about your deposit, please call our Financial Counselor at 805/640-2238.

Medicare Patients or Patients with Other Insurance Coverage

Ojai Valley Community Hospital will bill your insurance company directly, provided you have an acceptable insurance plan and you assign the benefits to Ojai Valley Community Hospital. We allow the insurance company 45 days from the billing date in which to pay their portion of the claim. If the insurance carrier has not paid your account within 45 days, the hospital will request payment from you.

Financial Assistance Policy – Plain Language Summary

Community Memorial Health System recognizes healthcare is often unplanned and can be expensive. You can find a free copy of the application and instructions on our website:

Download Application & Instructions (English) ▶
Download Application & Instructions (Spanish) ▶

You can also apply in person at 5855 Olivas Park Dr. Ventura, CA 93003, or call our customer service department at 805/948-5632 for questions or to have a free copy mailed to you. You will need to complete an application, submit all supporting financial documents and mail it back to the Olivas address above or drop it off in person to the CMH or OVCH Admitting Department. We provide both English and Spanish versions of the application. Your discount will be based on family size and yearly income according to the current Federal Poverty Guidelines. Eligible individuals will not be charged more for emergency or medically necessary care than the amounts generally billed.

Self-Pay Patients

Ojai Valley Community Hospital has a discount policy for patients who don’t have insurance coverage. The estimated charges will be due “in full” prior to or at the time services are rendered. An itemized statement of charges will be mailed about 10 days after the service date. Any unpaid balance is due within 15 days from receipt of your statement and delinquent after 30 days unless prior financial arrangements have been made.

A Financial Counselor is available to assist you with your financial obligations. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 805/640-2238. Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Your Bill Will Include the Following Charges

Room Charge

This includes your room, nursing care, regular meals, linen and laundry, housekeeping and maintenance and business management services.

Individual Service/Procedure Charge

These include the operating and recovery rooms, laboratory, procedures, physical therapy, medications, treatments, supplies, and anesthesia services.

Delayed Charges

Occasionally, a charge is not processed in time to be posted on your original statement. You will be sent a statement for this charge reflecting the date the charge was received, rather than the date the service was provided. A Financial Counselor is available to assist you with your financial obligations. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 805/640-2238.

Bills from Physicians

You will receive a separate bill from your physician, anesthesiologist, radiologist, Ojai Community Hospital Emergency Medical Group or other specialists who cared for you. Please make any billing inquiries directly to them.