Cancer Conference

Community Memorial Hospital’s steadfast commitment to caring and collaboration is readily on display every Wednesday at noon when twenty or more radiologists, medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons, pathologists and other physicians on staff meet for the Interdisciplinary Cancer Conference, also referred to as the “Tumor Board.” Their mission: to share their individual expertise, experiences and knowledge in an effort to battle the disease together.

The Tumor Board is a vital part of the cancer treatment CMH provides. It helps us give our patients the best care for the best outcome.

The Interdisciplinary Cancer Conference, which has existed in less-formal forms at CMH since the mid-1970s, gained a new emphasis in 2006. Today it meets every week for 90 minutes with four or five new cancer cases (and follow-up cases in progress) presented. While maintaining patient confidentiality, the physicians examine pathology biopsy slides, mammograms, ultrasounds, and MRIs. Then, in an open forum, they discuss the pros and cons of different therapies.

This is a tool to further enhancing patient care. Working together in an interdisciplinary effort, physicians learn from each other, and, most important, together they give our cancer patients the best of all these medical advancements.