CMH offers a warm and cheerful pediatric unit. It is equipped with nurses who are skilled and experienced in childcare. For the child’s comfort, we invite one parent (or parent substitute 18 years or older) to remain with your child at any time day or night. Each room is equipped with a telephone and a cot to accommodate sleeping overnight. Remember that you and the hospital are partners in helping your child to a speedy recovery. We encourage you to assist in any way you are comfortable.

How should I prepare my child? Going to the hospital can be a stressful time for you, your child, and your family. Knowing what will happen and getting ready ahead of time can help. This visit often means the first separation from home and family. How well your child handles the experience often depends on his age and how you prepare him before the visit. Sit down and talk to him. Fear of the unknown is usually worse than worry about the known. Talk about it before admission, if possible. This will give him time to ask questions and get used to the idea of going to the hospital. Ask your doctor and nurse questions so that you and your child will know what to expect. Always tell your child the truth about what will happen and how things will feel.

What shall we bring with us? Let your child pack special things to take with him. Play is an important aspect of children’s healing and recovery. We encourage you to bring a favorite toy from home. Televisions are in every room.