The “you” in Community is everyone who works in the system from the President/CEO to the Board of Trustees, from the talented medical and nursing staffs to the dedicated employees in the laundry room and the cafeteria.

What do you stand to gain?

Everything you hoped for when you decided health care was your calling!

You’ll quickly become a valued contributor to an innovative Service Excellence Initiative. It’s a program that involves managers, physicians and staff members in how we satisfy patients’ needs and monitor their satisfaction. It came into being because of our complete service-oriented culture of caring.

You’ll be informed!

You’ll learn all about the process from front-line staff, and be provided with the information and tools that will help you elevate patient satisfaction, and enhance your own sense of accomplishment in service improvement and the delivery of quality patient care.

You’ll be engaged.

You will have access to leading edge technology, enlightened mentorship and support, and ongoing education to improve and diversify your clinical skills. As a member of our teams, you have the opportunity to share your ideas, creativity and skills in a safe and productive work environment. Rest assured, we have one thing in mind… the best care for our patients and our employees.