Your health is important, and Community Memorial Health System (CMHS) wants to assist you in making lifestyle choices that will help you reach your personal, optimal state of well-being. With this in mind, our HealthAware program is available to you at no cost to give you a convenient way to identify what your cardiovascular health risk factors are.

Start With Your Free Assessment

To get started, simply complete the free online assessments to get your individualized results. Each assessment includes a quick, seven-minute, confidential questionnaire to determine your health risk factors for developing heart disease, stroke, prediabetes, weight issues, lung cancer and stress. 

Support Based on Your Results

If your personalized assessment results in positive risk factors, you will be eligible for a free consultation with a nurse practitioner and a registered dietitian. If you do not have any cardiovascular risk factors at this time but want individualized guidance on prevention and protecting your health, we encourage you to take advantage of HealthAware services as well.

Please note: HealthAware is NOT your primary care provider but provides in-depth education and guidance to help you reach your personal best health. At the end of each the health risk assessment, you can click on “yes” to schedule an appointment, and a HealthAware clinician will contact you to set up a fasting appointment. 

At the scheduled appointment, the following will be provide complimentary every year:

  1. Fasting lipid panel and glucose
  2. HGBA1c
  3. Metabolic syndrome screening
  4. EKG
  5. Bilateral blood pressures with pulse oximetry (measures oxygenation)
  6. Body composition analysis measuring fat percentage, pounds of fat/muscle and more
  7. Mini cardiovascular exam by the nurse practitioner
  8. Dietary consult by the registered dietitian
  9. All the results will be assessed and discussed

Classes and Resources

As you implement lifestyle changes based on your personal health risk factors and goals, CMHS invites you to attend our ongoing, free educational classes. These classes change regularly to cover a variety of topics, and they are designed to help you reach your best health and assist you in creating an optimal quality of life.

In addition, you can join the CMHS Wellness and Fitness Center (WFC) for full gym privileges or partial privileges, which include only the exercise classes in the exercise room and NOT the gym equipment area. 

You can also schedule an appointment with our personal trainer and HealthAware registered dietitian for additional one-on-one guidance (please note that this is not complimentary). For more information, please contact the WFC at 805/652-5064 or