Going Home

Discharge time is 11:00 a.m., and your doctor or your nurse will tell you when you will be discharged. Your physician and nurse will give you instructions for care at home and follow-up visits. Please fill prescriptions at your own pharmacy, as we do not provide takehome medications.

Please be sure to collect all of your belongings. If you have had valuables stored in the Admitting Office safe, they will be released to you when you are discharged. When you are ready to leave, a hospital representative may escort you in a wheelchair to the car. Your driver may park in the patient loading area designated in front of the hospital on Brent Street.

Discharge Planning and Social Services

If you require continuing care, our Social Services Department will help with planning for your care when you are discharged from Community Memorial Hospital. They will discuss your options regarding local home healthcare agencies, convalescent hospitals, medical equipment rentals, portable meals and transportation. Our licensed social workers are also available to help you with personal or family problems, or the emotional demands of sudden or chronic illness. There is no charge for this service