Social Services


Discharge Planning

Our social worker/discharge planner works with patients and their families to ensure there is a safe plan in place upon discharge from the hospital. This may mean arranging transfer to a long-term care facility for rehabilitation, or an assisted living setting. Transportation can be set up using various van services when patients are unable to be transported by family due to physical needs. Referrals for home healthcare or for durable medical equipment needs can also be arranged depending on a patient’s needs and support at home.

Medicare and insurance issues

Our social worker can explain Medicare benefits and works closely with our utilization coordinator in regard to insurance coverage. They work together to advocate for the patient and family and keep them informed.

Referral to local resources

Our social workers are familiar with resources and programs available in the community that may be of assistance to the patient and their family. Information and referrals are provided for those who have a variety of needs.

Supportive counseling

Our Social Services Department strives to offer patients and families support in difficult times, and has made strides in enhancing the end of life care services offered to patients in the CMHS.

Advance Directives

Our Social Worker is available to fill out Healthcare Power of attorney documents for anyone who is interested. CMHS hosts workshops on this topic at various times throughout the year—all of these services are provided for free. See the following section on advance directives for more information.

Ethics Consultation

CMHS provides consultation for patients and families who have ethical dilemmas while here in the hospital, or at the local nursing home.

Advance Directives / Power of Attorney

What are Advance Directives?

Advance Directives is a term that describes the planning that one does to outline what their wishes are in regard to end of life care. In the healthcare field, this typically includes either a living will or a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare. (Not to be confused with the Financial Power of Attorney – which is another document).

What is a living will?

A living will is a document where you outline your wishes in writing; as to what treatments you would or would not want done. It is typically around the presumption that you are in a terminal or vegetative condition.

What is a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare?

A Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare is a document where you typically name two people to speak on your behalf regarding treatment decisions should you ever become incapacitated. These spokespeople should be familiar with your philosophies, and be willing to advocate on your behalf to ensure your wishes are followed.

Why should I get an Advance Directive?

It prevents miscommunication of your wishes—you will have a live person assisting in the process of ensuring that your wishes are adhered to during your treatment.

How do you go about getting one?

You may request a document that can be completed upon admission to the hospital.