Frequently Asked Questions

Who should follow CMHS’ Vendor Management Program?

All vendors and their representatives currently serving CMH and OVCH are to complete an online registration and credentialing process managed by GHX, called Vendormate Credentialing, in order to continue their business relationship.

What is the definition of a vendor?

A Vendor is defined as a person or representative of a company (including independent contractors and sub-contractors for a company) that has a contractual agreement with the Hospital and/or is seeking to provide support, services, and/or maintenance for a company’s product(s) or services at the Hospital.

Additionally, the Hospital may require other persons such as students, surgical assistants, observers, etc. to follow the vendor management program guidelines and register within the vendor credentialing system called Vendormate Credentialing.  Contact the Human Resources Department should you have any questions about who qualifies for registration.

Where can I (or a vendor) go to find out more information about the CMHS’ Vendor Management Program?

Vendors may obtain additional information about the Hospital’s Vendor Management Program here ▶

How does the vendor register in CMHS’ vendor credentialing system, Vendormate Credentialing, and who can he/she contact with registration/technical questions or issues?

The vendor and each vendor representative can complete their online registration in Vendormate Credentialing by accessing our Vendor Portal ▶

Any technical questions or issues can be fulfilled by connecting to their support page here
Vendormate Support ▶

Is there a registration fee associated with registering in Vendormate Credentialing and how is the fee amount determined?

Yes, Vendormate registration fee’s are based on the scope of the vendor’s business relationship with our health system and will be paid directly to Vendormate. Your registration will allow Vendormate to collect, verify, and monitor your company and its representatives’ credentials. Vendor representatives in each vendor organization will pay a per-rep fee that is aligned to the organization’s usage of the Vendormate network. Each vendor organization will fall into one of their access tiers:

  • “Access 5” : vendors organizations with registration access up to 5 Health Systems – $275 per rep account
  • “Access 25”: vendors organizations with registration access to 6 to 25 Health Systems – $325 per rep account
  • “Access 99” : vendors organizations with registration access to 26 to 99 Health Systems – $375 per rep account
  • “Access Unlimited” : vendors organizations with registration access to 100 or more Health Systems – contact SalesSupport@Vendormate.com

Any questions regarding Vendormate’s pricing structure will need to be addressed by Vendromate’s support team Vendormate Support.

Only students and a select number of contracted staff are eligible for a discounted rate. Educational Institutions and Contracted Staffing Companies will need to connect with our Human Resource Department for a referral.

Where is the kiosk located for vendor representatives for check-in with Vendormate Credentialing and how does a representative obtain a badge?

Vendors are required to “check-in” at our Vendormate kiosk or through their Vendormate Credentialing application from the App Store or Google Play. Vendors visiting our Community Memorial Hospital (CMH) and Ojai Valley Community Hospital (OVCH) locations are required to have a printed Vendormate badge. This badge will need to remain visible for the deration of their stay and can be printed at our Vendormate kiosk located in the main lobbies of the Hospitals. Vendor representatives must complete a check-out process upon the completion of each visit.

What is the procedure if a vendor representative is coming to the facility for a first-time meeting to discuss the products/equipment they are selling?

For a first-time meeting, the vendor representative may be issued a “Visitor” badge or bracelet.  However, if the business relationship continues and the vendor representative plans to visit the facility on a regular basis, then registration in Vendormate Credentialing is required. All first time visits need to be approved by our vendor management team through an email request Contact us here

CMHS Vendor Management Program PDF ▶